It’s Dark Reads Day! 🖤

Oh, you thought the season of scare ended on October 31? HA. Welcome to Dark Reads Day, friends! From dark novels in verse to wintery thrillers, horror literary magazines to Goosebumps, we got you covered. We’ve even included a roundup of bookish goth goods this year, perfect for holiday gifting.

As one Rioter shares in their piece, YA Horror Books Inspired my Love of Reading: “To this day, as an avid young adult books reader, I still gravitate to the dark… these type of books paved the way to today’s most chilling and entertaining slasher lit. I thank these authors for letting me be the reader I am today, and for not letting me be afraid of the dark.”

Cheers to that, and happy (dark) reading!

Dark hallway leading to lighted door opening