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3 Things To Help You Hit Your 2022 Reading Goals

New year, new reading goals! Whether you want to finish the Read Harder challenge to read outside your comfort zone, reread your favorites, read more of a certain genre, hit a book number, or some combination, we have a few helpful tools for you!

Book Marks

Book Marks is our customizable dot-grid reading tracker inspired by Bullet Journaling. There’s a nice mix of fill-in prompts, charts, and lists of recommended reading. It’s the perfect journal for keeping track of all your reads for the year.

TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations

When you sign up for TBR, we ask all about what kind of books you’re looking for (and what you don’t like), and comb through your Goodreads account to find the perfect fits. Tell us your reading goals and let us help you reach them!

The Read Harder Journal

Our Read Harder Journal is perfect for readers who want more structure than comes in Book Marks: it includes entry pages to record your reading stats, reviews, and more. The journal also comes with 12 reading challenges, inspired by our annual Read Harder challenge.