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Love Poems for Community and More Book Radar!

Hello Book People!

We’re nearly through the week! Hopefully it’s been going well for you. Personally, I’ve been tearing through some books this week and I’ve been super excited about (most) of them. The weather up here has been lovely as well, so I’ve been walking a lot and listening to audiobooks. How has your reading been going this week? Feel free to reach out and let me know about it. And in the meantime, let’s talk book news and things.

Book Deals and Reveals

A Manual for How to Love Us book cover

Ok… this cover is stunning. Check out the recently revealed cover of Erin Slaughter’s story collection A Manual for How to Love Us. Coming March 2023!

Interested in a sapphic romance novel about adults attending summer camp together? Same. So be sure to take a peek at Bridget Morrissey’s cover reveal for That Summer Feeling, out May 2023.

And here’s the cover reveal for Terry J. Benton-Walker’s Blood Debts, out from Tor Teen on April 4, 2023.

Here’s the cover of Promises of Gold by José Olivarez, releasing on February 7th, 2023. Olivarez says, “this is a book of love poems. love poems for the homies. love poems for family. love poems for community. romantic love poems.”

Keanu Reeves will star in Hulu’s The Devil in the White City, based on the bestselling nonfiction thriller by Erik Larson.

Viola Davis is joining the Hunger Games prequel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Davis will play villain Dr. Volumnia Gaul, the head gamemaker of the 10th annual Hunger Games.

George R.R. Martin wants readers to stop speculating about his death. The author has also said he has “given up on any hope of predicting the end” of the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Catherine, Called Birdy.

Here are 10 of’s most preordered books for Fall 2022. Whether you listen to audiobooks on your commute or during autumn hikes, you’re sure to find a new favorite on this list.

August is Women in Translation Month! Celebrate with these hot summer 2022 new releases by women in translation.

Book Riot Recommends

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Can’t Wait for This One!

I will find you again book cover

I Will Find You Again by Sarah Lyu (Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers, March 14, 2023)

This upcoming YA novel from Sarah Lyu, author of The Best Lies, is being called Ace of Spades meets All the Bright Places. Which, I don’t know about you, but sounds pretty intriguing to me. And it’s a teen thriller with a female friendship turned love story, which also sounds really exciting. On top of all of that, this is another cover design I’m absolutely living for. So I can’t wait for this one! And of course I’m sharing it because I think you’ll be excited for it too.

Let’s set the stage. Meadowlark, Long Island is a place filled with expensive homes, good schools, and ambitious overachievers. Chase Ohara and Lia Vestiano are best friends who do everything together. And then they fall in love. When Lia disappears, Chase’s life is thrown into chaos. Between the anxiety of college and heartbreak and grief of a lost love, Chase gets involved with pills, a cheating ring at school, and a shocking secret that will change everything Chase thought she knew about Lia—and herself.

I’m so excited to get to this one next year. It’ll be out in March 2023!

Words of Literary Wisdom

“You can’t get the Internet on a vibrator… yet.”

Patricia Wants to Cuddle by Samantha Allen

What’s Up in the Book Community?

My iPhone is constantly telling me I spend too much time staring at my screen, which is honestly so rude. But this means I spend a lot of time scrolling around the online book community: BookTube, Bookstagram, BookTok, BookLinkedIn (JK. That’s not a thing… I don’t think). You get the idea. Don’t have the time, energy, or the will to do all of that yourself? No problem. I got you. In this weekly section of Book Radar, we’ll take a look at something cool, interesting, and/or newsy that’s going on in the book community.

If you’re looking for some good Bookish Tea, I suggest following Bookish Tea Alerts on Twitter. Here’s some interesting tea to get you started: subscription service the Bookish Box is threatening legal action against Kevin, a Booktok creator, for his videos about the company.

In his BookTok videos, Kevin has noted the misprints, the boxes delayed by months, spelling author’s names incorrectly, artwork not centered and/or stretched, spines numbered incorrectly, quotes not being correct, and more. Recently, two ex-employees reached out to Kevin to tell him about their terrible experiences working with the company. The Bookish Box recently sent Kevin a cease and desist letter, but in his TikTok video, Kevin says, “There’s no reason to remove the videos where I show you examples of their product or all the mistakes that are inside their books. The fact that they sent me this cease and desist letter shows me how much power we have on this platform.

And the plot thickens. Here’s the Bookish Box’s response. No comments about Kevin specifically or the allegations of mistreating employees.

What I’m Watching This Weekend

Last weekend was so busy for me, and I was bummed I wasn’t able to make time to go see Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, especially because it’s one of my most anticipated horror films of the year. Hoping to change that this weekend!

And Here’s A Cat Picture!

cats sleeping on chair with blankies

The reading chair continues to be a hit with the kitties! Last night, we got double the fun with two kitties on the chair together. Now I almost feel bad when I want to use the chair for reading because I know the cats think I’m stealing their chair. Oh well. I paid for it. If they want their own chair, they can get a job.

Aaaand… that’s a wrap for Book Radar today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. You know the drill. I’ll be back on Monday! Love y’all.