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Julia Fine Announces Baroque Venetian Fairy Tale MADDALENA AND THE DARK and More Book Radar!

Dear Book Friends,

How was your weekend? Mine was super eventful and full of socializing, which probably sounds cool to a lot of people. But now all I want to do is stay home and read. My socializing batteries are totally out of fuel. Out of gas? Out of energy? You know what I mean. I’m tired of talking to people. If you feel me, then let’s talk about books quietly to ourselves today. Here’s all the book stuff I have to share (that you can totally read quietly on your own).

Book Deals and Reveals

Maddalena and the Dark Book Cover

Julia Fine shared the cover for her upcoming novel Maddalena and the Dark, which releases next June. Fine describes the novel as “my baroque Venetian fairy tale about two young female music students and their all-consuming hold on one another. It’s got jealousy and ambition and obsession, ghostly lagoons and palazzos and Vivaldi and canals, and this cover captures it all perfectly.”

And here’s the cover for the book Momfluenced, a nonfiction exploration into the world of mommy influencer culture by Sarah Peterson. This one’s out in April 2023.

Amelia Brunskill has shared the cover of Wolfpack, her YA mystery about a group of girls who live in a cult.

Titan Comics is expanding into manga! Their new manga imprint, Titan Manga, launches this month beginning with the publication of the first volume of a new “director’s cut” of Takashi Okazaki’s Afro Samurai.

St. Martin’s Press is publishing former German chancellor Angela Merkel’s political memoirs, written with her longtime political advisor Beate Baumann. The book is scheduled to release in fall 2024.

FilmNation Entertainment is adapting R.O. Kwon’s critically acclaimed novel The Incendiaries into a limited series.

London mayor Sadiq Khan is set to publish his first book Breathe in 2023. The publisher describes the book as a “warm and practical guide” to tackling the climate emergency.

The winners of the 2022 Hugo Awards and Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult book have been announced!

As the weather gets cooler, it’s time to head back to the theater (or stay at home and watch movies). Here are 20 book-to-screen adaptations to look forward to this fall.

And here are 33 new fiction and poetry books coming out this fall. So much to look forward to!

Book Riot Recommends

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Prepare Your Shelves!

Dr No Book Cover by Percival Everett

Dr. No by Percival Everett (Graywolf Press, November 1)

A little bit of a personal connection with this author: I’ve been a big fan of Percival Everett’s work ever since I read Erasure in undergrad and he came to visit our creative writing class. In his talk to us, he was just really funny and inspiring, and it made me really excited to be a writer. And of course, it helped that I thought Erasure was an excellent novel as well. So pretty much ever since that very early moment in my creative writing life, Percival Everett has been a must-read author for me. So yeah, I am a little biased on this one, but I think you should be excited about this author, too.

Everett’s latest novel follows the story of a mathematics professor who goes by the name Wala Kitu. He becomes entangled in the plans of an aspiring villain named John Sill, who sees Wala Kitu as the perfect partner. Sill’s big plan is to break into Fort Knox to steal a shoebox containing nothing. He believes that once he controls nothing, he’ll be able to turn a Massachusetts town into nothing. Sounds weird, right? Well, it also turns out that Sill’s desire to become a literal Bond villain originates from some American villainy related to the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

Will Wala Kitu be able to fool Sill into thinking he’s on his team while secretly working to foil his plans behind the scenes? That’s what he hopes to do with the help of the brainwashed astrophysicist-turned-henchwoman Eigen Vector.

Dr. No sounds bizarre, creative, and thought-provoking. Just what I’ve come to expect from this author. This one comes out in early November.

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What I’m Reading This Week

ghost eaters book cover

Ghost Eaters by Clay McLeod Chapman

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

The Verifiers by Jane Pek

Hokuloa Road by Elizabeth Hand

The Man Who Could Move Clouds by Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Monday Memes

Who among us hasn’t reacted to a book like this? Or thrown a book across a room?

And Here’s A Cat Picture!

I love a good cat tree meeting. Also just note how big little Remy is getting! He’s basically the same size as Murray at this point. They grow up so fast.

And… that’s all I have for you this Monday, friends. I hope you have a wonderful week. I hope you only drink good coffee. I hope you pet the fluffiest cats. I hope you read all the good books. You know, the usual.