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Reading Ghosts, Opposites Attract, & Friends to Lovers

Salutations and welcome (back) to the Kissing Books newsletter. It’s me, PN, back with more updates from the world of romance for you. It is also almost the weekend for me and I’m even more excited for this weekend since it is Book Club weekend and I managed to finish both books. I know I was cutting it close but I made it and that’s all that matters. Now I get to look forward to discussing them with some of my book besties.

I had to put my other books on pause to finish those but I’m back to working my way through them. I also started Small Angels both for even more creepy vibes and to work on catching up on my BOTM TBR.

Moving on!

Bookish Goods

picture of ghost reading book sticker

Read Romance Books Ghost Sticker by lylajuneco

This is just flat out adorable! It’s a witchy little ghost in a pumpkin patch, spouting the joy of reading romance books. What more could you want from a sticker, especially this time of year? It’s a perfect addition to any journal, e-reader case, or water bottle. $3.50

New Releases

cover of What Happens After Hours

What Happens After Hours by Kianna Alexander

R&B sensation Cambria and Miles, owner of a successful Atlanta recording, are almost immediately at odds from the moment she walks into the studio. Her outgoing nature is the complete opposite of his structured one. Despite this personality clash, there is a spark there that neither can truly ignore. But is this “opposites attract” affair intended for a short run or is there any possibility of something permanent?

The Standup Groomsman cover

The Stand-Up Groomsman by Jackie Lau

When corporate financer Vivian meets stand-up comedian Melvin, the groomsman to her bridesmaid, she is at first starstruck. The shimmer disappears when it becomes clear that he thinks she’s a snob and much too straitlaced for his carefree demeanor. They agree to put aside their differences to make sure their friend’s wedding is perfect. As they work side by side, Melvin is forced to reconcile with the fact that he may have made a snap judgement.

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

It occurs to me that the two new releases I highlighted today both featured the ‘opposites attract’ trope. So, I decided that today’s recommendations would focus on another one of my favorite tropes. And what trope is that, you may be asking? Friends to lovers!

Much like its counterpart, I’m a sucker for these types of stories. I adore When Harry Met Sally and I can even enjoyed Boys & Girls, the early aught’s New Adult take on it. If you don’t remember that movie, that’s cool; not a lot of people do. I know I’m in the minority for being a fan of it and I’m okay with that.

Still, it’s a great trope and here are a few books that fit it. Enjoy!

cover of Dear Amelia

Dear Amelia by Asia Monique

Amelia and Israel have been life long friends who turned into extremely successful professional adults. Amelia enjoys her work as an advice columnist while Israel is a real estate mogul. When her career reaches a new high, she is happy but finds she can no longer ignore the attraction between her and her friend. And Israel is willing to do whatever it takes to win her heart.

cover of Lucky Loser

Lucky Loser by Yolanda Wallace

Former tennis double partners Sinjin and Laure always got along famously on the court. After Sinjin began to develop feelings for Laure, she walked away from their partnership, unwilling to risk having her heart broken again. When they meet up again at Wimbledon, Laure endeavors to prove to Sinjin that she is willing to risk it all for a chance at her heart.

We’re just a few days away from Halloween so why not pick up some of these paranormal romances to get into the mood?

Take this quiz and find your New Girl soulmate.

If you can choose just one, you’re a more decisive reader than me.

Halloween recs courtesy of The Ripped Bodice.

And that’s all I have for you today. I’ll be back in your inboxes on Monday with a fresh update from the world of romance. In the meantime, I can be found posting on Twitter under @PScribe801. Until then, happy reading and stay hydrated!

PN Hinton

Kissing Books

New Releases and Witchy Romances!

Top of the week to y’all! It’s Monday, and I’m back with another Kissing Books newsletter. The fall vibes really seem to be settling in and I am here for it. I actually had to turn the heat on the other day, which is a big deal for me. I usually hold off on doing that until absolutely necessary, both to not seem wimpy and to avoid the burning dust smell. You know which one I mean. But, as it was pointed out to me, one way or another it’s gonna happen, so may as well get it out of the way.

In things that bring me joy, my book club meets this week! It’s been a while since we’ve met up so we are discussing two books this round: Called to the Deep and Misery. I am not quite done with either but I’m confident that I’ll buckle down and get them done before then.

Let’s check out the rest of newsletter!

Bookish Goods

picture of fall girl sweatshirt

Smutty Girl Fall Sweatshirt by AlwaysThereBoutique

In honor of me turning on the heat in my place, I’m submitting this for your consideration as the swag for today. While it is nowhere near sweatshirt weather, this is still a cute, comfy-looking shirt that shows the vibes that we romance readers may wish to give off at the changing of the season. It comes in three colors and starts at $45.

New Releases

cover of When Dell Met Angel

When Dell Met Angel by Deja Elise

The paths of Angel and Dell have crossed multiple times over the years. In one of those encounters, Angel almost ruined Dell’s business. So, when they run into each other again, Dell has reservations about trying again despite how strong the pull is. Are both women now mature enough to try to make it work or is it doomed before it starts?

cover of She'll Steal Your Heart

She’ll Steal Your Heart by Rachel Lacey

Lauren is a former thief looking to redeem herself and get her life back. Mia is a retired lawyer looking to start over as a café owner after a divorce. Their friendship initially starts off online but once Lauren returns to Brooklyn, they decide to meet in person. When they do, they find that their pasts are unexpectedly connected in ways they couldn’t have guessed, which may derail the plans for friendship, let alone romance, before it starts.

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

In terms of paranormal romances, it really must be the Season of the Witch (there’s your earworm for the day). There have been a ton of witchy romances that have hit the shelves this year, and we have even more headed our way in the coming months. And I am here for it. If I’m being honest, I’ve always had witchy tendencies and am working on embracing rather than suppressing that side of myself. So, yes, I am here for all the witch and warlock romances.

I know I’ve mentioned more than one of these types of books when letting y’all know what I’m currently reading and I have, at the very least, three more I want to read this year. And I’m lowballing that number. This trend is even something that we have mentioned here on Book Riot more than a few times this year. It’s evident all around us that witch romances are in.

As an aside, I know that my use of “warlock” is very much a product of the era I grew up in but I stand by it. Warlock doesn’t mean bad or evil, it just means male witch. And part of me gets a giddy thrill over being able to use a gendered modifier in this case, cause we all know that women have had to deal with it their entire existence.

Anyways, let’s get to the recommendations!

cover of Warlocks The Creole Coven

Warlocks: The Creole Coven by Latrivia Welch

When ambitious reporter Toni hears about a string of self-inflicted deaths at a specific hotel in New Orleans, she packs her bags and heads out, determined to solve the mystery. After she arrives, she meets the handsome and mysterious Jericho, manager of the hotel, and finds herself drawn to him, not anticipating the connection that would blossom with him.

cover of Wolf Gone Wild

Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross

After not being able to shift for a few months, Mateo swallows his pride and seeks out witchy assistance for help solving his problem by visiting the local bar. When he gets there, an unpleasant interaction leads to an even more unpleasant confrontation, which almost causes him to be kicked out before he can get help. When witch Evie looks in his eyes though, she’s powerless to resist the call for help and volunteers to do so, not realizing that the wolf inside Mateo is convinced that he has finally found his mate in her.

Plan a movie outing, get a Hollywood heartthrob. I got Andrew Garfield and am A-Okay with that.

Take this poll to see where you land when it comes to romantic trope preferences.

And that’s all I have for you today. I’ll be back in your inboxes on Thursday with a fresh edition and updates in the romance world. In the meantime, you can always check out what I’m posting over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Until then happy reading and stay hydrated!

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“Out of This World” and Going Home Romances

Hello and welcome (back) to the Kissing Books newsletter. I’m here in your inboxes with another update from the world of romance. I hope that the week up to this point has been kind to you. I know that, overall, it’s been kind of hectic all around. So, be sure to make and take time for yourself to relax.

In fun news, today is International Sloth Day! I don’t know why but that just makes me smile. Maybe it’s because Sid always cracked me up in Ice Age. While I wouldn’t call them favorite animals (those would be owls), I still smile every time I see a video or picture of one.


Bookish Goods

picture of Romance Glass Can

Romance Books & Iced Coffee Glass Can by GhoulMomDesigns

Even if I don’t necessarily agree with the message on this, as I take my non-flavored coffee with at least a little cream, I love everything about the design of this cup. It’s cute, it’s functional, and it’s affordable. That’s what we call a triple win. $10

New Releases

cover of A Cosmic Kind of Love

A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young

When event planner Hallie accidentally receives video diaries of astronaut Christopher, her client’s ex, she can’t help but watch them. She even goes as far as sending emails and video clips to the defunct email address, figuring they will never go anywhere. That inbox was not as defunct as it seemed though and soon the emails and videos are forwarded to Chris, who is now back on earth. From there a mutual attraction develops. However, will this crush have a chance of shooting towards the stars or will it be a failure to launch?

cover of Holding Back the Years

Holding Back the Years by Kasha Thompson

Seraphina is a bright young writer who, after a series of unfortunate life events, finds herself back living with her parents. Quickly, she falls into a routine with one of the highlights being her weekly visits with her grandfather. August has also returned home to help take care of his elderly mother to prevent his sisters from putting her in a home. Their paths cross and what started out as a one-night stand soon turns into something more until a secret is unearthed that could tear them apart forever.

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

Today’s theme came to me as a shower thought. I love when I actually remember those! Getting back on track, one of the things that I love about the romance genre is there really is something for everybody.

Alternatively, this means that not everything is for everybody and that is where we get to deal breakers. Which I completely get, since I have more than a few myself. That said, there is something to be said about testing your own boundaries every now and then. Sometimes you may find that one book in a disliked trope or deal breaker that you actually enjoy.

Which isn’t to say you should force yourself to read anything you don’t want to read or that will cause any type of trigger because your mental health is always more important. But if you find yourself looking at a book that you might be interested in if it weren’t for “insert reason here,” give it a chapter or two because you might be surprised.

Below are two books that fit one of those two boxes for me. This is my way of showing that I do practice what I preach, or plan to in the near future.

cover of Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean

The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean

Deal breaker: Cheating

In real life any form of cheating is a big no for me. I can see no way of forgiving that at all and will “nope” right out of there. However, what struck me about this is Malcom knew he screwed up and that he was wrong. He wanted a chance to prove to Seraphina that he was sorry and desperately wanted to make it up to her and he proved that through his actions up to the very end.

cover of Forbidden Promises

Forbidden Promises by Synithia Williams

Deal breaker: Sibling’s Ex

This one is a little more complex for me because while I don’t love this trope for the most part, I really liked America’s Sweethearts, and I know I’m in the minority there. But the premise here is slightly the same in that it springs from a kiss where alcohol was a factor. So, I’m interested to see how that set up works its way out here with India and Travis.

Some adaptation news: first, we will soon see Thistle Grove, first introduced to us in Payback’s a Witch on our TV screens. There was also a movie announcement regarding People We Meet on Vacation. That said, as exciting as this news is, I am once again reminding Hollywood that both Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson both have an oeuvre of established series that could be adapted for either the big or small screen. Stop sleeping on these stories Hollywood, and get to adapting!

Check out a handful of just a few of the exciting titles headed our way this fall.

If you’ve ever been interested in a mentorship with Harlequin, here’s your opportunity!

Whether you’re new to the genre or a longtime fan, these books are still good reading and staples in the genre.

Cinnamon Roll Heroes!!

And that’s it for today and this week. I’ll be back in your inboxes on Monday with more updates. In the meantime, I can be found posting over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Until then, happy readying and stay hydrated!

-PN Hinton

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“Trashy” totes, Chance Encounters, and Baker’s Romances

Happy Monday y’all! Welcome back to the Kissing Books newsletter. It’s beginning to feel a lot more like fall where I’m at. For me, this means the day doesn’t start hot as all get out and climbs to a warm temperature before the sunsets. It’s still hotter than other places for sure, but not as hot as it has been in the past few months.

Nothing really has changed in what I’m reading due to busyness of the day job and writing. But I am planning on really making a concentrated effort to work through the books I have bought this year since I want to read a least half of what I have brought in over the last calendar year. So far the count is at 20/48, but I’m sure there are books I’ve forgotten to add to the purchase list and it’s not the end of the year yet. So, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that.

On to the rest of the newsletter!

Bookish Goods

picture of romance raccoon tote

Trashy Romance Reader Tote by EmeraldFernPress

While I personally go back and forth on using the word “trashy” to describe romance, I know others who embrace it fully. And I firmly believe when it comes to stuff like that, to each their own. Honestly, I just adore this little raccoon since it is just adorable. So that makes this handy dandy tote functional and fun. Starts at $13.

New Releases

cover of Rooting For You

Rooting For You by Roz Alexander

Clover Hill seems to be the perfect spot for Fisch to start a new lease on life. After a while, she begins to feel restless and wonders if she just placed herself in a new setting for the same situation. When photojournalist, Jaeeun, comes through town, it’s like a breath of fresh air as both butch women feel an instant attraction. When the wanderlust touches Fisch just as Jaeeun is thinking of settling down, does this spell the end of their love story or has Fisch found a place and a woman worth settling down permanently for?

cover of Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

When Mira and Naveen first met, it was due to a matchup that didn’t work out. The second time happens when Mira walks into Naveen’s office in a professional capacity, as he is the lawyer that is tasked with helping to settle her late aunt’s affairs. It seems like it will be a “no muss, no fuss” situation…and then they get kidnapped. What follows is a wild chase through Las Vegas as Mira and Naveen uncover more and more of her family secrets and find themselves becoming drawn closer together.

For even more new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

October 18th is Chocolate Cupcake Day and in honor of that, I’m recommending even more romances that take place at a bakery or involve a baker. Even if it’s not a chocolate cupcake, hopefully you’ll have something sugary on hand to satiate any sweet tooth cravings you may get after picking these books up.

cover of sugar butter flour love

Sugar Butter Flour Love by Nicole Falls

When pastry chef, Isobel, and retired football player, Travis, team up to compete in a reality show, to an outside observer it seems like a win-win situation for them both. However, people on the inside know that their past is fraught with friction, and the promise of bringing her family’s bakery to the spotlight and a large donation to one of his charities may not be enough to overcome that. There’s also that pesky spark of attraction between the two of them.

cover of Batter Up

Batter Up by Robyn Neeley

Small town baker, Emma, has earned a reputation for being able to predict the name of a bachelor’s soulmate in her cake batter. Investigative reporter, Jason, hears about this straight from a soon-to-be-ex-bachelor’s mouth and decides to expose her as a fraud. When they meet, the sparks fly between them, leading him to wonder if he should believe in magic and love?

You can also pick up Queerly Beloved by Book Riot’s own Susie Dumond. I read this earlier this year and adored it!

Congratulations to Alisha Rai on her nuptials! She hasn’t shared the full details yet, but oh how my heart warmed watching this countdown video that was shared.

More Harlequin romances to fall in love with.

If you’re an audiophile, check out this list of romances by Black authors.

More romance cover art, this time on tins and seashells!

Pick random things and get the first initial of your soulmate.

And that’s all for today. I’ll be back in our inboxes on Thursday with more updates from the world of romance. In the meantime, you can always give me a follow over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Until then, happy reading and stay hydrated.

— PN Hinton

Kissing Books

Even More Fake Dating

Happy Thursday from Kissing Books! It’s me, PN, back in your inboxes as promised with a fresh newsletter. And look at that, another weekend is already on the horizon! My plans for this weekend are getting my hair done, which will include a touch-up to my undercut and a new color to help celebrate fall. So, I’m super excited.

Called to the Deep got added to my reading pile since it’s one of my book club picks, and I’m still working my way through Love in the Time of Serial Killers. And, for my horror reading pleasure, I started Hell Hath No Sorrow Like a Woman Haunted, a short story collection that I have been waiting months for and cannot wait to devour.

Onward to the rest of the newsletter!

Bookish Goods

picture of bookish coffee mug

“A Book a Day…” Mug by MoxieMugsCo

I love this bookish spin on the old adage because, if we’re being really and brutally honest with ourselves? Reality sucks more than usual especially as of late. So, it completely makes sense to want to take a least one break form it every day. Comes in either 11 or 15 ounces, priced $19 and $22 respectively.

New Releases

cover of Mister Concierge

Mister Concierge by B. Love

Hosea is content with his life as a bachelor, keeping his heart closely guarded since a devastating breakup in the past. Then Cartier unexpectedly shows up at his doorstep, needing a place to lay low after witnessing a crime. Close quarters quickly lead to feelings developing between the two adults, tempting Hosea to open his heart even though he knows that Cartier will return back to her home once it is safe to do so.

cover of Make You Mine This Christmas

Make You Mine This Christmas by Lizzie Huxley-Jones

A stressful year, a company Christmas party, and just a handful of drinks are apparently the perfect combination that lead to Haf kissing her friend Christopher under the mistletoe. The next day word gets around that they’re a couple and, to help both of them save face, Haf agrees to be his fake girlfriend. All is well until his alluring sister Kit shows up and Haf finds it hard to keep up the charade due to the very real attraction she feels towards his sibling.

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

Today’s recommendations are brought to you by the fake dating trope. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of make believe to help you see the happily ever after in front of your face even if you were manipulated into getting there.

cover of the love con by seressia glass

The Love Con by Seressia Glass

Kenya’s artistic dreams appear to be coming true when she’s offered a spot on the reality show Cosplay or No Way and has an opportunity to showcase her talents there. The only catch is that the final challenge needs to involve the contestant’s real life romantic partner, and Kenya is very much single. That’s where her best friend Cameron comes to the rescue and agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend. Neither are worried that real feelings will develop between them because their minds know it’s fake. Their hearts, on the other hand…

cover of Marriage of Unconvenience

Marriage of Unconvenience by Chelsea M. Cameron

In order to collect an inheritance from her grandma, Lauren, affectionally known as Lo, needs a fake marriage. Her childhood best friend, Cara, needs money for graduate school. Both women decide that a fake marriage is the perfect way to both get what they need and want and jump into it. The plan is to get the marriage annulled once the money is in their possession. But we all know what they say about best laid plans and intentions and it’s not too long before Lo wonders if she really wants the marriage to end.

Here are some witchy reads to help kick off fall. While not all are pure romance, there is enough of an overlap that they bear including.

And, in case you’ve never read Nora Roberts before, here is a good list to start off of.

Spooky *and* sexy? Sign me up!

Click here for Halloween candy and book pairings.

The Ripped Bodice is ready for the Halloween season.

And that’s all she wrote for this week. I’ll be back on Monday with another romance recap for you, along with new releases and recommendations. In the meantime, you can always give me a follow over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Until then, happy reading and stay hydrated.

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Witchy Wear, Thanksgiving, and Handbags

Hello and welcome (back)! It’s me, PN, here with a fresh edition of the Kissing Books newsletter. I hope that the weekend went well for you and that you’re ready to face this week like the badasses y’all are. I won’t lie— last week was challenging for me so, as mentioned in the last send, I desperately needed a weekend where I could just rest, relax, and recharge. Which I did, so now I’m ready!

I finished Two Wrongs Make a Right and am completely enamored. I cannot wait for it to be out in the world for others to read and fall in love with as well. Plus, there were not one but two lures that could result in books for Bea’s sisters and I am going to be here for them both!


Bookish Goods

picture of Witchy Little Romance T-shirt

Witchy Little Romance Reader by lylajuneco

When I saw this shirt, alI I could think was “Yesssssss.” This is perfect for the vibes that I’m wanting to give this fall season, and with all the witchy romances we’ve had so far and are yet to come, this will make for the perfect outfit to consume them all! Comes in three colors and starts at $25.

New Releases

cover of Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner

Cassie isn’t planning on having a one-night stand when she escapes to a bar during her college’s Family Weekend, but best laid plans and all that. However, things get further complicated when she finds out that Erin, the woman she shared a passionate night with, is her friend’s mother. Even more awkward is that they are fast realizing that they also get along during the day which leads them both to wonder if this could be something more?

cover of Cheering For You

Cheering for You by J. Nichole

After Nate ends the basketball season with a knee injury, he finds himself begrudgingly in Aria’s yoga class to help heal his body and mind. Her soft voice and hands have him rethinking his stance on this, but he will have his work cut out for him since Aria is determined to not be taken in by the NBA star no matter how alluring he may be looking from pose to pose.

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

The theme of today’s recommendations are holidays! I know we’re getting into that time of the year where we’re taking on back to back holidays and it can be overwhelming and stressful. So, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the real world chaos that those can entail and read some fictionalized ones.

Separate from the major ones, there are also some random holidays that may not be well known or celebrated but can still be fun to discuss. It’s also good trivia knowledge so you never know when that type of information may come in handy. That is why the first rec is centered around a well-known holiday and the second is one that, in its own way, honors a lesser known one.

cover of A Match Made for Thanksgiving by Jackie Lau

A Match Made For Thanksgiving by Jackie Lau

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and what better way to celebrate that then with the first book in Lau’s ‘Holiday with the Wongs series? What would you do if you went home for the holiday to find that you and your siblings were caught up in a hook up scheme and that your brother’s date was your most recent one-night stand that you may want more with? Nick is about to find out when he finds himself in this same spot and starts rethinking his lifestyle choices of only engaging in casual relationships.

cover of Tales of the Countess

Tales of the Countess by Cali Bird

In case you didn’t know, October 10th is also Handbag Day; who knew? This rom-com seems the perfect way to celebrate it, as it centers around Countess, who wakes up one day after a night of over imbibing to her purse talking to her. She takes that as a sign to straighten up and start taking life more seriously, which includes no longer pining for her crush. Which of course is the same time that their paths start crossing more often than they previously had.

Here are some historical romances that don’t cut back on the spice level.

There’s still time to pick up some of these romances by Latine authors before National Hispanic Heritage Month ends.

I would totally relish having a reading space like this.

Also, while this TikTok is not romance or even book adjacent, it is witchy and Halloween related and just plain old adorable so I’m including, since I am sure we could all use the serotonin.

And that’s all I have for y’all today! I’ll be back in your inboxes Thursday and in the meantime I can be found over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Happy reading and stay hydrated!

Kissing Books

Romances About Finding New Love After a Divorce

Hello and welcome (back) to the Kissing Books newsletter. I’m PN and I’ll be your guide through the rollercoaster world of romance. Another weekend is looming before us and I’m looking forward to it and hopefully some relaxing, reading, and resting done. My plans include hanging out with a friend to watch The Hating Game since she has an AppleTV subscription and I do not. It looked interesting so here’s hoping I enjoy it!

In currently reading news, I’m still working my way through Two Wrongs Make a Right and Love in the Time of Serial Killers. I plan on picking up a witchy romance next for that genre pick. Not sure which one but it will likely either be Witchful Thinking, Witcha Gonna Do? or Back in a Spell. Oh, and will also start Called to the Deep since it’s my bookclub’s pick this month.

Also, don’t be alarmed by the newsletter title as it refers to the books in the New Releases section. I’m still married and nothing that life changing has happened in the last few days.

Let’s forge ahead to the rest of the newsletter!

Bookish Goods

picture of Choose Your Poison sticker

Choose Your Poison Sticker by CraftyEliseShop

I love everything about this sticker. I’m the type of book dragon that just loves reading. Honestly, I don’t care about anyone’s preference in how they read. Ebook, physical, audio…hell if your partner reads to you for whatever reason, it still counts as reading. No preference shaming shall be had here! Embrace how you can and like to read proudly, friends! $3

New Releases

cover of It's Always Been You

It’s Always Been You by Tay Mo’Nae

After her marriage ended, Jerzey decided to become a foster mom so she could finally have the family she had been wanting. While it’s not easy, she has her best friend by her side to help her. However, this all changes when the feelings between them turn more romantic than platonic and she begins to wonder if she has been missing what’s been right in front of her all this time.

cover of Once Upon a December

Once Upon a December by Amy E. Reichert

As her name may indicate, Astra Noel Snow loves Christmas. This year she’s especially eager to return to Milwaukee’s Christmas market to eat, drink and be merry and get her mind off her recent divorce. Jack Clausen, the handsome man who always saves her a kringle at his family’s bakery, may be just the man for the job and Jack isn’t opposed to the idea. Will this be a holiday fling or the start of a new chapter of their lives together?

And don’t forget that for a more comprehensive list of new releases, you can always check out our New Books newsletter!

Riot Recommendations

The start of Fall for me typically means a lot for horror or ‘spoopy‘ novels, spread across various genres. And I don’t care what type of supernatural entity is involved either; I’m here for all of them. Naturally though, I especially love it when those types of genres overlap with the romance one.

And there has been an increase in this sub-genre in the last year or so, even contributing to coining the term ‘horro-romance,’ which I am all for. Which leads to my recommendations for this week, all of which are in that sub-genre.

cover of The Other Side An Anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance

The Other Side An Anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance edited by Melanie Gillman and Kori Michele Handwerker

This graphic anthology perfectly combines romance and the paranormal. In this collection of 19 stories, you’ll find all types of paranormal creatures that go bump in the night in more than one way *wink.* Plus, it’s a graphic novel which means it should make for some quick reading, which is always great especially if you’re working on any reading goals.

cover of I'll Come Back For You

I’ll Come Back for You by Charish Reid

I know I’ve been talking about this book a lot this year but it really is that good. Plus, it has a haunted house and a romance. Like, there’s a legit ghost in this; it’s not one of those that it may be haunted. It’s haunted. Plus that cover? *swoon* Also, ‘a little blue birdie’ told me that a sequel was in the works.

And for my monster romance lovers have no fear since I plan on highlighting some of those as well this month. Just keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters!

Be sure to put this event on your calendar now!

I love these wise words from Viola Davis and can’t agree with them more.

Following that train of thought, check out this list of married couples who have decided trolling is their love language.

And that’s all she wrote for today. I’ll be back in your inboxes on Monday with a fresh newsletter. Until then, you can always give me a follow over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Happy reading and stay hydrated since it’s still super important, even in the cooler months.

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Whirlwind World Wide Romances

Greetings and Salutations, fellow Romance lovers! It’s me, PN, back with another installation of the Kissing Books newsletter. I hope that your weekend was relaxing, rejuvenating, and that you’re ready to face the first full week of October.

I finally saw The Lost City and thoroughly enjoyed it. Each one of its rom-com-banana-pants moments. There was also the very real way it dealt with how someone could process grief, something I especially appreciated.

And, yes, I totally cheered when Alan firmly advocated for the joy of romance when Loretta had been disparaging of it. Made my heart super happy. Definitely going to be a regular watch. It also made me want to re-watch Romancing the Stone, no shame.

On to the rest of the newsletter.

Bookish Goods

picture of Book Trope Tshirt

Romance Book Tropes World Tour T-shirt by FanGirlByNeverlandB

This is an adorable and comfy-looking shirt that showcases love for all types of various romance tropes. And I love the design of it as well, as it is very reminiscent of shirts you would get at a concert. I would totally rock this while sitting on my porch, sipping a beverage. Comes in seven color options and starts at $19

New Releases

cover of Rescuing Hearts

Rescuing Hearts by Ruby Scott

Due to numerous heartbreaking experiences in her youth, Kristi has decided to live her life on the road, or rather in the air, as a flight attendant traveling for work, pleasure, and volunteer work. On a flight to San José, she meets pediatric surgeon Fenna and finds herself drawn to the younger and optimistic woman. Will she be able to trust her enough to forget the hurts of the past and open herself up to a new lease on life and love?

cover of Where Your Eyes Linger

Where Your Eyes Linger by Dani M. Ward

Jameson is an exotic dancer who also happens to be a Fire fae, on the run from her controlling royal ex. One of her most faithful patrons is Emmett but, fearing being hurt again or that Emmett will be harmed, she keeps him at arm’s length. As they get to know each other more, she begins to weigh the risks of opening up her heart again for a new chance at a happily ever after.

And don’t forget that for a more comprehensive list of new releases, you can always check out our New Books newsletter!

Riot Recommendations

I have been pulling extra hours at the day job over the last week because Mama needs that coin that comes with OT pay. True it gets tiring but Future Me will be grateful come payday. One way I have maintained a strong performance is because I am able to put on my ear buds, pick a Spotify playlist, and power through the day.

After all, a good playlist can make almost any stretch of time go by faster and make it slightly more enjoyable.

Now, my need for constant music flow during my nine to five got me thinking about how many romance novels borrow song titles for their own books. It’s not a consistent enough theme to be anything more than a sporadic pun, but it is still interesting to note and led to today’s recommendations: books that are also song titles!

cover of Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

This second chance romance, which is also a modern spin on The Turn of the Screw, finds Andie returning to help her ex-husband North when he reaches out for help after finding out he is the sole guardian of two young cousins. A nice mix of romance and mystery with a spooky spin (there will actually be a ghost) also isn’t a bad way to kick off an October Reading List.

cover of Along Came Love

Along Came Love by Tracey Livesay

When India finds herself stranded in San Francisco, the only person she can turn to for help is Michael who is not only the man she ghosted after a two-day affair, but also the father of the baby she is carrying. Will this random series of circumstances be the perfect setting for the former lovers? Check out this one-time only, secret baby, forced proximity, second-chance story to see.

If you’ve been looking for some romances with Trans representation, here is a good jumping off point.

Plan a birthday party, get paired up with a 90’s heartthrob.

This is sound advice right here.

If you can’t get enough of enemies-to-lovers, this list has some options that you may have previously overlooked.

And that’s all I have for y’all today! I’ll be back on Thursday though so we shall meet again soon. Until then, you can give me a follow over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Happy reading and stay hydrated!

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Shakespeare in Love Novels

Hello and welcome (back) to the Kissing Books newsletter. I’m PN, here with another update in the world of Romance. First and foremost, happy belated birthday to Vivian Stephens! Her birthday was September 23rd and I am so happy she’s part of Romancelandia’s history. Check out this thread repost from last year highlighting just a few of her accomplishments to get an idea of why she’s so important to it.

We are super close to October now, and I’m over the moon for it. While I know that there have been fall vibes since the start of September, this is personally when I start putting myself into an ‘Autumn’ mindset. Now, it’s hard to do that fully since it’s the South and, as of this edition, the weather is forecasted to have a high of 91 on the 1st. But, I’m still excited.

In currently reading news, I started Two Wrongs Make a Right and am finding it delightful so far. I’ve never read Much Ado About Nothing or seen the Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson version but I know enough of the basic premise. With that said, let’s get to some bookish goods and new releases first!

Bookish Goods

picture of book wine glass

“I’m Not Addicted to Books We’re in a Committed Relationship” wine glass by CobaltCreatives

When I saw this wine glass, I knew that, at some point, it would need to be mine. I’ve lost count of how many times my spouse has sighed, albeit endearingly, whenever I walk in with a couple of new books in hand, giving a glance to my ever growing TBR pile. I keep telling him it could be worse and that is something I will stand by until the end of time. $12

New Releases

cover of A Ghost in Shining Armor

A Ghost in Shining Armor by Therese Beharie

Gemma can see ghosts and uses her gift to help them settle any business that they left unfinished. Levi is a ghost that, in a change of pace, is determined to help with her unfinished business, which includes reuniting with her long-lost sister. When this reunion happens, Gemma is trying to get to know her sister but keeps thinking about Levi who, for all that he tries to, can’t forget her either. Will there somehow be a way for these two to have their HEA or will there be no second chances here?

cover of The Tides That Bind Us

The Tide that Binds Us by Alexis C. Maness

When a young mermaid princess is found dead on her shores, Queen Celestia knows that she has to prove to her kingdom that she is a worthy ruler that will do whatever it takes to protect them. However, this is complicated with the appearance of Aura, an alluring mermaid that Celestia is drawn to but is also dividing her focus for ensuring her people’s safety, leading her to wonder if there is a way to have it all or if she’ll end up failing as a queen.

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

I have noticed an uptick in romances that are inspired or based of Shakespeare. Now, I know that Romeo and Juliet is always a popular one with the forbidden love aspect, although I would agree with my whole chest that the play is a tragedy and not a romance. So, of course in that regard the adaptations in Romancelandia do deviate from the source material.

But there are more options to adapt than that one play and that is something that a lot of romance writers have proved in the last few years. And I’m here for it because, for the most part, I do enjoy Shakespeare. Now, do I think that his works are super brilliant? Absolutely not. If you ask me, his plays, even the non-romance ones, are the Elizabethan equivalent of beach reads. I could write an entire article on that so rather than ramble on, let’s check out the recommendations for today!

cover of Much Ado About Jack

Much Ado About Jack by Christy English

As evident from the title, this one is also loosely based off Much Ado About Nothing and involves the widowed Angelique who, after being heartbroken one time too many, vows to never fall in love or remarry. Her latest paramour, Captain James, is equally as determined to try to convince her to give him a chance, knowing that the outcome will be different than her previous experiences.

cover of Dating Dr. Dil

Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma

This cover very much gives off 10 Things I Hate About You vibes, which fits since it is an updated version of The Taming of the Shrew. Only in this version, the two main characters are the ones who come up with the fake dating scheme to get things they both desperately want. You know, besides each other. I read this earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it and do not see it discussed nearly as much as it should be.

Build a taco, pupusa, and an agua fresca to give insight on your soulmate.

Check out some of the favorite romance novels right now.

This is an exciting line up for an upcoming spooky season romance panel!

Changes are coming to Amazon’s return policy for ebooks and I’m so happy to hear it.

That’s all for this week friends! I’ll be back on Monday with a new edition of the newsletter. In the meantime, you can give me a follow over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Until then, happy reading and stay hydrated!

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Romances and Heavy Topics

Hello and welcome (back)! It’s me, PN, with another edition of the Kissing Books newsletter. It’s the last week of September y’all and I am in shock that 2023 is in the distant horizon. Yes, I know that it’s still three months off, but we are certainly closer now than we were a month ago, which again is just mind boggling.

With that said, on to the rest of the newsletter!

Bookish Goods

picture of heart & key booksleeve

Key to My Heart Booksleeve by BookishBling

I really only discovered book sleeves a couple of years ago but I have to say, I get the appeal of them. It is a reassuring feeling to be able to carry a physical book around, regardless of whether it’s hardback or paperback, and not have to worry about little imperfections on it showing up during the travel process. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still something to be said about a well-read book, but I like to try to keep them pristine as long as possible. $22+

New Releases

cover of Witchful Thinking

Witchful Thinking by Celestine Martin*

Lucinda loves her witchy life in Freya Grove as a high school teacher but can’t help to wish for more. One night, this wish turns into a spell that makes her unable to say “no” to any request. This also extends to her high school crush Alexander, who asks for help removing a hex from the house he just purchased, which is right across the street from hers, so he can sell it and continue to travel. Until then, these two are working closely together, which opens up the opportunities for old feelings that never really went away.

cover of Cupid is a Cat

Cupid is a Cat by Lise Gold

Cupid is known to take many forms and this time it is that of a sweet ginger tabby cat. The current mission is linking Nora and Yael, two women who met when they went to a speed-dating event. When they initially meet, they are certain it was just a one-time thing. When their paths cross years later, will they take this second chance at romance that has been offered to them, through the designs and machinations of a furry friend?

*I’m super excited for this one and am eagerly awaiting my pre-order to arrive soon!

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

I recently made the somewhat questionable decision to read Book Lovers and The Dead Romantics at the same time. Now, this choice wasn’t questionable due to the books themselves because I thoroughly enjoyed both. No, it was questionable because each involve a dead parent. The former had a dead mom and the latter a dead dad. And both of my parents have since moved on from this mortal realm.

Now, this isn’t a recent loss by any means. My mom will have been gone for 31 years this upcoming November and it will have been 12 years for dad in February. Still, the grief is called a constant bedfellow for a reason, since it never really goes away. You just learn to live with it and expect the unexpected moments of getting hit with it.

That said, I still think it’s important to touch on these topics in romance. Death is inevitable, which means that you will at some point experience these types of losses while with your partner. That isn’t to say that I want to read about it all the time, but I still think it has a place and dealing with it and other painful topics is important. That’s why my recommendations today are books that deal with heavier life topics. I will include the content warnings I know of but be sure to also research on your own to prepare accordingly.

Cover of Damaged Goods by Talia Hibbert

Damaged Goods Talia Hibbert

This is a second chance novella in Hibbert’s Ravenswood series that is about a woman who leaves her abusive husband for the sake of herself and her unborn child and gets a second chance at love. There is depiction of domestic violence in this so be wary if that is especially triggering. However, since it is Talia, it will still have an HEA.

The Heart Principle book cover

The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

I know that this was a very divisive book for multiple reasons but I still stand by my enjoyment of it. It’s not an easy read by any means between a sick parent, anxiety issues, and a bullying older sister. But it is a satisfying one that ends in a believable way. It’s definitely more of an HFN, though, rather than an HEA, so heads up.

If suspenseful romance is your thing, check out this list of fifteen recommendations.

This is an impressively well-rounded list for some of the romance debuts we’ve had from last September to this one.

Build a wedding play list and get a guess on what type of engagement ring is perfect for you.

Two of my favorite authors at one speaking engagement? Yes, please.

And that’s all I have for y’all today. I’ll be back in your inboxes Thursday and in the meantime you can always follow me on Twitter under @PScribe801. Until then, happy reading and stay hydrated.