Epic Update: August 1, 2022

Happy August, Insiders! [Insert incredulous “how is it already August?!” exclaimations here.] Jenn is on vacation this week, so forgive me if I’m out of practice with what I’m supposed to share here in the intro part of this newsletter, but I’m been sharing this with anyone any everyone in my life, so please enjoy this horror/masterpiece of a mascot for the Halifax Oyster Festival.

Alright, no announcements so let’s get on with the actual bookish stuff!


What Are You Reading?

Happy August, Insiders! It’s Amanda, coming in hot (literally) with the first installment of this month’s What I’m Reading. 

The summer heat has arrived with a vengeance here in Portland and I pretty much only want to starfish on a cooling mat. Luckily, that’s an excellent position for reading. 

Book cover of I Killed Zoe Spanos

I’ve definitely been in the mood for some fast-paced summery thrills, so I picked up I Killed Zoe Spanos by Kit Frick. I’ll be honest, I gravitated toward it because the cover has a character in a pool and I would very much like to only exist in bodies water for the next week until this heat wave passes.

The novel is about a recent high school grad and party girl, Anna, who takes a summer job nannying for a wealthy family in the Hamptons. The locals all remark that she bears a shocking resemblance to a girl named, you guessed it, Zoe Spanos who disappeared without a trace several months before. The book opens with Anna confessing to having accidentally killed Zoe and then jumps back a few months to the events that lead to the confession. 

I’m only a few chapters in but I already am sucked into the mystery and enjoying how unreliable of a narrator Anna is shaping up to be. Did she have something to do with Zoe’s disappearance? And if not, why is the world would she tell the police she did? 

Anyway, I’m off to park myself in front of a fan and probably read the rest of this book in one sitting cause I need to know what happens next! 

What are you all reading this week? Click through to add your reading list to the comments!