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Think You Can Solve These Historical Mysteries?

Hi historical fiction fans!

I’m just coming out of a book slump (I hope), so I’m ready to dive into some really great books this week. It’s always interesting to see which books it is that help get you out of slump. Novellas and graphic novels are usually my go-to fixes, but this time it was a middle grade fantasy novel. I think I just needed something lighthearted after a couple of stressful weeks. But now I’m hoping to get caught up on a whole bunch of historical fiction and SFF and romance books I’ve been planning to read.

Here’s hoping you’re reading is going better than mine has been!

Bookish Goods

Rainy Day Bookmark from Etsy; image source:

Rainy Day Bookmark

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New Releases

Mother of Strangers Book Cover

Mother of Strangers by Suad Amiry

Set in Jaffa in the 1940s and ’50s, this story tells the tale of a 15-year-old mechanic, Subhi, and the peasant girl he hopes to marry one day, Shams. But the Mediterranean port city is soon being bombed indiscriminately, and the Palestinian families who remain must figure out how to survive.

Midnight on the Marne Book Cover

Midnight on the Marne by Sarah Adlakha

In this alternate history novel set during WWI, a nurse and an American soldier find love in the midst of war. But the choices they make affect the outcome of the war, and when Germany wins, leaving behind a brutally occupied France, they must decide whether their choices were worth it. And if they had the opportunity to go back and change them, would they?

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Riot Recommendations

What’s better than a murder mystery? A murder mystery set in a historical setting, of course! Can you solve these historical mysteries before the fictional sleuths investigating them do?

The Lamplighters Book Cover

The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex

Inspired by a real historical mystery, this story follows three lighthouse keepers who go missing one night on a remote island off the Cornish coast. What happened to them? When a writer comes to visit the wives and girlfriends those men left behind two decades after their disappearance, what truths will finally be uncovered?

Murder in Old Bombay Book Cover

Murder in Old Bombay by Nev March

In late 19th century British occupied India, Captain Jim Agnihotri recovers in a military hospital after a skirmish left him injured, rereading his favorite Sherlock Holmes mysteries. But when a case in the local papers catches his attention, what is being called the crime of the century becomes the Captain’s first job as an investigator. He’s determined to find out what exactly happened to cause two young women to fall from a clock tower in broad daylight.

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Right now I’m reading Lapvona by by Ottessa Moshfegh. What about you?